Gambini Group owes its progress and willingness to take up fresh challenges to its family-run structure.

Over the years, the Group’s owners have focused closely on the gradual evolution of the brand, placing the accent on the product quality that has always been the hallmark of a business with a solid, long-standing tradition behind it.

Today, the company is able to boast the figures and turnover of a large, well-established business, while maintaining an approach to work where the owners treat the staff almost like family.


A careful analysis of the market has revealed a shift towards a new kind of needs and tastes on the part of increasingly demanding customers. This has prompted Gambini Group to concentrate its efforts on the identity it has built up carefully over the years.

Hence the decision to make changes by building an image closely linked to this evolution, with innovative corporate proposals able to maintain the qualities the Group is renowned for in the world of ceramics: elegance, tradition and responsiveness.


Among the first of these changes was the choice of a new trademark, in a shape and colour able to sum up all the qualities the Group is renowned for, while at the same time introducing a new vision of the future.

The changes are evident in the fresh approach to both style and communication: the new trademark features an important, pertinent slogan, “tile on time”, which deftly and confidently highlights the efficiency of the service, the contemporary appeal and the prompt response guaranteed. These signature qualities of the company appear below the initial monogram of the Gambini family.