MONOGRAM: The monogram is a distinctive typographic unit formed by one or more interwoven initials.


The long-lasting traditions and values lay the foundation for a renewal of the business focused on products and quality.


PATRONYMIC:A brand that bears the name of one or more persons. GAMBINI stands for competence and impeccable service.


GAMBINI:The logo is a specific typographic representation of the brand's name. Thanks to its traditions and well-earned reputation the company is now defined by qualities such as stability and consistency, which are depicted and enhanced through the logotype's linear shape.

OPIFICIO: A robust but refined typeface that doesn't easily pass by unnoticed just like the company it represents.


TILE ON TIME: You can trust us. The word "Tile" creates an immediate connection to the market sector while prompt service and dynamism distinguish us and enrich our products.


405C: Gray is thge colour of elegance, a unique tone. It is sophisticated and achromatic therefore able to match with any colour just as our products do. A hint of yellow a long with the use of the patronymic Gambini imparts a sense of familiarity and warmth.