40 years have passed since the first step, a story full of rises, values and success.
An important heritage: 40 years more to be created.
Trust in people and teamwork are the right foundation to shape our future

Parent company founded ELLE-GI

Acquisition of Ceramiche Epoca

Partial acquisition of tempra (55%)

Acquisition of Parefeuille Provence

Completion of Tempra acquisition

Creation of the Manifattura Emiliana brand

Acquisition of the production unit Oiry (MEG)

Cersaie - birth of the Gambini Tile On Time brand




Passion for work, care for customers, foresight


Struggle every day to maintain the quality of our products


Avant-garde in technical research and sustainability fields


Ability to meet market’s needs


The first of our value


constant research and close attention to the new style trend to create new collections


Willingness, flexibility and promptness


Our past, our story as the ground of our future growth


Day after day our Group, is always willing to face new challenges and new goals, through collections with a contemporary style and design, distinguished by a deep offer in terms of sizes, looks and surfaces.

The style and sophistication of our products will obtain the trust of the traditional market and will satisfy the stylistic choices of a wide variety of customers, designers and architects, looking for an exclusive expression.

Historically, the Group has always been working with big success in the large scale distribution, in France first and then in the German speaking markets.

Thanks to the pluriannual experience, quickness in service and flexibility, year after year the Group achieved the recognition of the clientele from more than 70 countries in the world, meeting the requests of a more and more demanding audience.

The company VISION reflects the ideals, values and goals that since the beginning characterised us and that are driving every operation of the people working with us.


«Success has a simple formula:
do your best, people will like it»

Sam Ewing

Change, for companies, is inevitable. Growth is a choice – the Gambini Group has made this choice since 1978. Mr Gambini has been creating and developing his group with the help and support of his family since the start.

Transformation has been a need, because of the challenges that international markets present, in certain moments focused on service, in others on communications or client satisfaction.

“Gambini Tile On Time” was presented at Cersaie in 2015. It signified an important metamorphosis based on solidity, tradition and family values that have always been part of the company: the creation of a trendy, elegant brand, with the transfer of the company in the new Sassuolo Headquarters in 2016.


Quality, process and environmental awareness are fundamental to the Gambini Group. 100% Italian made products all produced with materials carefully selected to respect the environment. A symbiosis of eco-sustainability and innovation in a prefect green style. These are the values that have characterised the Group’s growth, a symbiosis of ecosustainability and the careful use of
energy with innovation and change in perfect “green” style.

The same principles have been applied to our french production sites where we are using raw materials from the area to minimise the environmental impact on Production. Principles of quality and harmony with nature – these are, and have been, Gambini Group’s objectives during its careful evolution.

Ceramic surfaces are produced with natural raw materials that don’t pollute and are neither dangerous for people or the ecosystem. They can be recycled and reused, where necessary, in the production process.

Frequent checks are made on our emissions to be in line and below legal requirements. Our process reduces thermal energy and as a consequence our co2 output.

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in people

Past and present are celebrating the success of our 40 years.

A legacy full of values and changes. United we look at the future. The next 40 years are to be written together with our workmates and partners.